• Amanda McDonald

Comfort Zones...Just say YES!

Ask yourself, where is my comfort zone? Is it only spending time with my close friends and family? Is it within my profession? Maybe it is not traveling overseas. I have been told a number of times; "Amanda, push your self out side of your comfort zone". Ok, but what does that MEAN? What if I can't push myself. What if I don't even know how to push myself?!?! So first thing first.. Pick one thing in your life where you have created this so called zone in. Let's say it is getting invited to a creative working session with 10 ladies, that you've never met before.. and you have to share your ideas on building a business! What! I have to sit at a table and share an idea that I have and pray that no one has negative feedback for me that I haven't already told myself! Yep, that's going to be where you are in the stretch. Saying yes to those things, and being vulnerable is the ticket to your comfort zone being stretched. As I sat around that table today, in a beautiful space, listening to the ideas, fears, and excitement - each of those women grew - and that was due to leaning into that comfort zone and lifting that veil.

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